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          Welcome: Fuzhou Jufuxing Automation Co., Ltd


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          Jufuxing Automation is a company specialized in marketing the modules and the surplus control system parts those which is very famous brand over the world.Our products are DCS,PLC,Motorola-MVME ,Allen Bradley,Siemens,Omron,Fanuc,Yaskawa,Mitsubishi,Keyence,GE Automation,Honeywell,Foxboro,NI,Matrox industrial module,RTU,IPC,SCSI(50,68,80Pin)Anybus(Gateway) and so on.We provide 1 year warranty for all of our surplus that were tested strictly and certificated professionally. After years of development,we have become a highly visible global company.
          Machine equipment failure always leads to tens of thousands of business losses to the enterprise. Jufuxing Automation supply high-quality industrial automation spare parts, whether new parts or obsolete / discontinued spare parts.Moore Automation committed to the best cost, the best quality and most efficient way to allow enterprises to resume normal operation.
          We always strive for excellence and perfect,which including service,work efficiency and delivery time aspect.
          If any further question,don't hesitate to contact us.If you inquiry more than one piece/item,we will offer deeper discount for you.Looking forward to your enquiries.

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